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Est. 2016. Jyväskylä, Finland
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The simple idea behind our products is to brew beers that we ourselves like to drink. Beer shouldn’t be a too serious business, so let’s have a good time together with delicious beers!




Hangaround & Nobody Brewing is a gypsy brewery from Jyväskylä, Finland. The brewery first started in 2016 as a homebrewery and in 2018 the first commercial beer hit the stores and bars. HNB beers are brewed @ UG Brewery which is located in Lohja, Finland and also @ Panimoyhtiö X which is located in Jyväskylä, Finland.

The story behind the name goes back to 2015 when Eetu and Pekka worked at the same time at a Finnish export-driven technology company and when they became friends. There was an event at the company where retailers of the company’s products from all around the world gathered. During the event the marketing director of the company presented the staff and as Eetu had just started working there, couldn’t remember his responsibilities, introduced Eetu plainly as a Hangaround. Pekka, at that point having worked in the company for several years, was not introduced at all by mistake and was naturally named Nobody afterwards.

Because this story is essential to Eetu and Pekka’s shared history it was a natural selection as a name of the home brewery when brewing first started in 2016. When commercial activities started in 2018, the name stuck.


Hops-a-Daisy, ABV 7.0%

NEIPA. This bad boy has more hops than prime Michael Jordan.

Hangaround, ABV 5.5%

NEIPA. A cloudy fruitbomb, double dryhopped with Mosaic. Has been mentioned to be the best bottled NEIPA in Finland.

Nobody, ABV 5.5%

NEIPA. The otherside of the coin which has been double dryhopped wit Centennial.

Håller Din Tunkken, ABV 5.3%

India Pale Ale. HNB’s first commercial beer. A bitter Old school IPA with US hops used.


Orange Is The New Black, 5.3% ABV

Dark Ale. Dark beer in color, but the taste if still fresh. The dried orange peel has been used to give a slightly different kind of “twist” to this beer.

Not in production at the moment.

40740 beer

So U R Bock?, ABV 7.0%

Sour Bock. A collaboration beer with UG Brewery. A perfect match between cherry and sourness.

Not in production at the moment.

So U R Dunkel?, ABV 5.5%

Sour Dunkel. Another collaboration with UG Brewery. Dark in color and malty, sour and sweet in taste.


Wit 2U, ABV 5.1%

Witbier. Fresh and summery beer dryhopped with Mandarina Bavaria. HNB’s view of Witbier with a lot of fresh orange peel used.

ceo's beer

CEO'S Gose, ABV 4.0%

Gose. A collaboration beer with Panimoyhtiö X. Gose with lingonberries. Great and fresh summer drink with low ABV.

Not in production at the moment.

40250 2019 beer edition

40250 Lohikoski, ABV 5.5%

American Pale Ale. Fresh and citrusy APA with a bit more experimental hops used. Some of the hops were replaced for this 2019 edition.The name of the beer comes from the postcode of Lohikoski, where our home brewery is located.


Heruugose?, ABV 4.0%

Gose. A fresh summer thirst quencher flavored with blackcurrant. Salty and sour.

40740 beer

40740 Sturdy Edition, ABV 7.7%

Double Dryhopped Double India Pale Ale. Dryhopped with a really hard hand. We asked what postcode would be next and the answer was clearly Kortepohja.

Not in production at the moment.

40740 beer

40740 Kortepohja, ABV 5.5%

Double Dryhopped India Pale Ale. “Milkshop” version of the beer of Kortepohja. Dryhopped with a really hard hand.

Not in production at the moment.

40740 beer

40900 Säynätsalo, ABV 5.3%

Indian Pale Lager. Only hops from New Zealand has been used in this aroma- and dryhopped lager. The name of the beer comes from the postcode of the Nobody’s childhood home, Säynätsalo. 


BoMM: Saison of Hibiscus, 5.5%

Magical Saison from the other side of the mountains to which the mystical Hibiscus brings flavor and color. Suitable for adventurers regardless of role!

Made from only our best brews

Beer with your own label.

Are you interested to have a beer with your own label or even your own brew for your company?

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HNB merchandise

Set your looks right with official HNB merchandise!

T-shirts, tote bags, and baseball caps are available in many sizes and colors. Elegant beer glasses are also available.

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OUR Team

Eetu / Hangaround Eetu is a mechanical engineer and works in the technology industry as his day job. He’s a regular know-it-all by character, in a good way.

Pekka / Nobody As a day job Pekka is a financial management professional and naturally he also manages HNB financial activities. He’s the main recipe guy at HNB and a keen basketball enthusiast.

Tommi / Tommi is the man behind the HNB visual appearance. Labels, marketing materials, posters and marketing materials of all sorts all come from Tommi’s pen.

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